Setting up the right stack is hard.

In software-speak, stack refers to the suite of technologies that your business runs on. Perhaps you use HubSpot as your customer relationship manager, GoDaddy for web hosting, and Gusto for payroll.

Our founding team had a lot of experience working with early-stage startups, so we saw firsthand how picking and implementing the right stack accelerates growth for a company.

But we've also seen how this infrastructure can get really tricky. Unless you have a lot of experience working with cutting-edge companies, it's hard to choose and manage the right software.

Moreover, this infrastructure can become complex and fragile. As software stacks become more complicated, they eat up more of your time, and begin to break.

We've seen world-class institutions take well over a year to pick a software package and a vendor to install it. Then, actually setting up that part of their stack can take multiple years.

We've seen world-class companies, large enough to afford their own infrastructure engineers, continue to struggle with the basic "glue code" holding these stacks together.

So we wondered—if even these massive companies struggle with infrastructure issues, how can small businesses compete? Plenty of valuable businesses can't afford to contract a consultant to help them optimize customer conversions from their website, much less hire a full-time employee to run business analytics.

So we created Snugstack. Think of us as a "ready to go" stack.

If you're just starting out, and have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of customer orders, we can help you migrate to a real customer relationship manager. On the other side of the spectrum, if you've been around for years and are testing CTR and CAC on Google Ads, we can help you generate copy and test it by keyword.

Simply put, regardless how big your business is, we want to help it run cheaper, simpler, and better by improving your technology stack.


Search engine optimization can put your business top of mind for potential customers. The good news? Getting to the top of search pages is relatively straightforward. The bad news? It can be pretty tedious. Snugstack improves your site's markup for robots indexing; generates, tests, and iterates on ad copy; and reaches out to relevant publications to set up affiliate links. As always, we help you carefully monitor your ad spending.
Snugstack designs beautiful, mobile-responsive sites. We optimize them to improve your customer acquisition cost. We also improve CAC by automatically testing different platforms, copy, and creative for ads. Whether Google Ads, LinkedIn advertising, or email marketing is the right fit for your business, Snugstack can experiment with—and improve—your channels for customer acquisition.
If you're looking to implement a customer relationship management system, Snugstack migrates your existing data over, then will help you integrate your new system into your existing business practices. Since we've seen which systems tend to work well, and which don't, our goal is to save you the headache that comes with implementing an overly complex, costly, or esoteric system.
Snugstack focuses on (1) increasing management efficiency; (2) improving customer retention, acquisition, and engagement; (3) optimizing purchasing decisions and supplier relations; and (4) incentivizing, identifying, and rewarding employee productivity. We calculate causality behind business performance, break down line items to suggest profit margin improvements, and suggest process optimizations informed by the data.
Setup software that just works.
Your business' backend - from SEO, to marketing, to CRM, to analytics - lets you focus on what matters. Snugstack runs that backend simply, cheaply, and well.
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