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Snugstack does SEO, marketing, CRM, and analytics, so you don't have to.
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Jim P.

palo alto, ca
"Snugstack made it remarkably quick to implement a marketing strategy and improve our search results. I don't have the time to be creating and testing copy every week, so using Snugstack was a no-brainer."

Nikhil S.

cambridge, ma
"We're not a tiny business, but still, I thought we'd need 10x as many people in order to afford business analytics. Snugstack does it automatically and cheaply, and it works!"

Julie S.

richmond, ca
"Honestly, I'm not sure how we were able to handle this many customers before our new CRM and Snugstack's automatic email marketing! I wouldn't have even known where to start without your help."

Speedy SEO

Improving your site's markup, iterating on advertising copy, and arranging affiliate links can all push your site higher up in search results. Snugstack does this for you, saving you the time and tedium involved in search engine optimization, and getting you to more customers faster.

Tested marketing

Making a mobile-friendly site? Not sure whether Google Ads or Facebook Ads will have a higher click-through rate? Setting up an email marketing drip campaign? Snugstack experiments with all the above, lowering your customer acquisition cost.

CRM expertise

There's a lot of wonderful customer relationship management systems out there. If you're trying to pick one, Snugstack will figure out the best option for your business, set you up, and integrate your CRM with the rest of your stack.

Actionable analytics

Snugstack analyzes customer data, web traffic, and internal costs to pinpoint where you can reduce costs and increase revenue. Our team of data analysts and machine learning experts delivers world-class analytics, in an actionable format, to your business.

Setup software that just works.
Your business' backend - from SEO, to marketing, to CRM, to analytics - lets you focus on what matters. Snugstack runs that backend simply, cheaply, and well.
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