Aether Biomachines leverages synthetic biology, deep learning, and robotic automation to create novel chemicals. These chemicals can be used everywhere from manufacturing to fragrances to pharmaceuticals.
Menlo Park, CA
Aether was enjoying rapid growth, as they passed technical milestones in their chemical synthesis process. The next step was beginning to understand and engage with large enterprise customers. Aether needed to find and begin conversations with process chemistry and innovation managers within these companies, while continuing to improve their state-of-the-art value proposition.
We provided in-depth customer deck feedback and helped rewrite Aether's cold email pitch as part of an email marketing campaign. We compiled a list for Aether of 400+ executives to target at potential customer companies, organized by NAICS/SIC code. We organized a St. Louis sales trip for Aether, setting up meetings with a number of chemical company leaders in the area.

We sat down with Aether for a sales strategy talk, helping them envision a funnel from engagement to signing a customer. In this process, it was particularly critical to keep in mind the idea of aligning internal stakeholders within large enterprises—due to the scale of these organizations, there can often be internally competing interests that an external seller has to meet in order to satisfy all relevant parties.

We leveraged our dataset analytics expertise to help Aether triage imminent issues with their data infrastructure. In multiple technical meetings with the team, we suggested model infrastructure improvements in order to make the company's deep learning processing more efficient, cheap, and sturdy.

Snugstack also helped Aether consider longer-term issues with their scaling. Matching them with another biotechnology company at a similar stage, Aether was able to receive technical feedback on issues with constructing augmentations to their dataset. Aether received feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their pitch to those with chemistry backgrounds, and were able to to brainstorm ways to improve supply chain robustness and redundancy, especially with highly complex and fragile technical components.

Snugstack offered detailed pitch rewriting and preparation for Aether as they began reaching out to more investors. We tied this in with a new marketing effort, completely redesigning Aether's website in order to more strongly convey their value proposition to potential customers and investors.
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