Deal Engine reduces corporate travel expenditure by capitalizing on fluctuating pricing. Using proprietary search and booking algorithms, Deal Engine ensures maximum savings on each flight itinerary.
Miami, FL
Deal Engine had enjoyed early success selling their product to local branches of a large multinational corporate travel agency. Nonetheless, they were focused on adding more United States-based travel agencies as customers before revealing themselves to the press.
We connected Deal Engine with a consultant to target United States-based travel agencies. Deal Engine was able to iterate on, edit, and improve their cold email pitch as they began an email marketing campaign. We focused on making the language clear, concise, and compelling for a potential customer—the large number of travel agencies worldwide, the variety of vendors they contract with, and the efficiency of the travel market made it necessary to make a standout pitch.

As part of that push, we helped Deal Engine compile a list of all travel agencies in the United States with $10MM-$500MM in annual sales. We also helped them select an updated logo and offered website feedback, as part of a corresponding digital brand update campaign.

Part of the process involved helping Deal Engine stay accountable to their internal goals through weekly review meetings and McKinsey-style feedback sessions. Deal Engine was improving two core systems at the time—a price optimization engine to help travel agencies perform arbitrage on ticket price fluctuations, and an automatic refund software that automatically claimed ticket refunds when a flight was cancelled—so balancing sales growth with technical functionality was a key point of accountability.

We connected Deal Engine with a few other companies at a similar stage, in order to share tips and feedback. From these partnerships, Deal Engine learned more about how to prevent "feature creep" in their client-facing systems, develop a sales strategy to increase FOMO among a relatively concentrated customer cohort, and motivate a large infrastructure provider to offer them specialized help in implementing their system.
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